RhetoricaLens’ Mission

RhetoricaLens is designed to support policy development and advocacy in the domains of security studies, terrorism studies, and public diplomacy by highlighting areas of interest and inquiry in common with the field of rhetoric. Information on this site can introduce the value of contemporary rhetorical theory and criticism to subject matter experts, and encourage further rhetorical scholarship aligned with requirements generation and policy implementation.

  • Site Orientation
  • Musings & Commentary: Informal opinion on current issues in security, terrorism, and public diplomacy
  • Papers & Primers: Substantive authored works developed primarily during my doctoral studies program
  • Literature Reviews: Contributions from the communication discipline as a starting point for fresh scholarship
  • Double Takes: A rhetorical-critical view on articles presented in foreign affairs journals and vice versa

One Thread of a Richly Textured Agenda

Scholars of contemporary rhetorical theory and criticism have made serious contributions to post-9/11 thought, with particular attention to media discourse and news narratives, presidential address, and American perceptions of terrorism.

Areas of inquiry suggested by the literature include changes in terrorist group motives and objectives; hypothesis generation; the life cycle of ideological movements; charismatic leadership and recruitment; public healing and support; identity formation and expression; and the interplay of public opinion, media frames and policy objectives.

Study within these areas can be enriched by a thorough understanding of how information and communication technologies are impacting the communications environment.

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